2021 Publications

Use of Actigraphy (Wearable Digital Sensors to Monitor Activity) in Heart Failure Randomized Clinical Trials: A Scoping Review
Actigraphy-based measurements of physiologic parameters may enable design of patient-centric heart failure (HF) clinical trials. Recently, the Heart Failure Collaboratory focused on recommendations for meaningful change and use of actigraphy as an end point in HF clinical trials.
Promoting Diversity in Clinical Trial Leadership: A Call to Action
As a community of investigators, we have struggled to improve the recruitment of representative populations into heart failure (HF) trials.
Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Heart Failure Hospitalized With COVID-19
The purpose of this study was to evaluate in-hospital outcomes among patients with a history of heart failure (HF) hospitalized with coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19).
Approaches to the Treatment of Heart Failure in an Era of Multiple Therapies - Statement From the HF Collaboratory
The treatment of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) has changed considerably over time, particularly with the sequential development of therapies aimed at antagonism of maladaptive biologic pathways.
Putting the “Optimal” in Optimal Medical Therapy
Despite rigorous data supporting the benefits of optimal medical therapy (OMT) as recommended by the guidelines for patients with heart failure (HF) with reduced ejection fraction, the implementation and maximization of these therapies in the “real world” continues to be challenging.

2020 Publications

Endpoints in Heart Failure Drug Development: History and Future
Heart failure (HF) patients experience a high burden of symptoms and functional limitations, and morbidity and mortality remain high despite successful therapies.
Changing U.S. Heart Failure Research Culture: Part 2—Recognizing Frontline Investigators and Coordinators
As we continue to obstacles to the heart failure therapeutic development process through the work of the Heart Failure Collaboratory (HFC), the challenge of site-based research remains.
Conduct of Clinical Trials in the Era of COVID-19: JACC Scientific Expert Panel
The coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has profoundly changed clinical care and research, including the conduct of clinical trials, and the clinical research ecosystem will need to adapt to this transformed environment.
Heart Failure Collaboratory Statement on Clinical Trials on the Landscape of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted health care delivery systems around the world, with a significant impact on clinical trials.
Utility of Restricted Mean Survival Time Analysis for Heart Failure Clinical Trial Evaluation and Interpretation
The study sought to demonstrate the statistical and utilitarian properties of restricted mean survival time (RMST) and restricted mean time lost (RMTL) for assessing treatments for heart failure (HF) with reduced ejection fraction.
Standardized Definitions for Evaluation of Heart Failure Therapies: Scientific Expert Panel from the Heart Failure Collaboratory and Academic Research Consortium (HF-ARC)
A series of meetings were convened to establish definitions and key concepts for the evaluation of HF therapies.
Challenges and Potential Improvements to Patient Access to Pharmaceuticals
Patient access to a drug after US regulator approval is controlled by complex interactions.
Representation of Women Authors in International Heart Failure Guidelines and Contemporary Clinical Trials
Gender disparities in authorship of heart failure (HF) guideline citations and clinical trials have not been examined.
Barriers to Clinical Trial Efficiency and Patient Access
Clinical trial inefficiency and lack of patient access to novel therapies have been identified as key barriers to successful heart failure innovation.

2019 Publications

Heart Failure End Points in Cardiovascular Outcome Trials of Sodium Glucose Contransporter 2 Inhibitors in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
The white paper published in Circulation summarizes the discussions and key takeaway messages from the meeting on this topic at the FDA meeting on March 6, 2019.
Design of a “Lean” Case Report Form for Heart Failure Therapeutic Development
The article published in JACC details the creation of a core CRF electronic form which is now freely available for use in clinical trials to improve clinical trial efficiency in HF drug and device development in the United States.

2018 Publications

Enrollment of Older Patients, Women, and Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Contemporary Heart Failure Clinical Trials
The article published in JAMA Cardiology discusses the under representation of these groups in clinical trials.
Changing the Research Culture in the United States
Dr O’Connor & Dr Bristow’s article further highlights the importance of what changes the HF Collaboratory are working towards.

2017 Publications

Improving Heart Failure Therapeutics Development in the United States
Summarizes the discussions, challenges and opportunities, and makes recommendations to achieve improved efficiency in clinical trials and the development of effective heart failure therapies.