The Impact of COVID-19
on Clinical Research



What is the

Heart Failure Collaboratory (HFC)?

Efficiency of clinical trials and evidence generation in heart failure and foster development of therapies by creating a collaborative environment in which FDA, government agencies including NIH and CMS, and the heart failure community can interact to optimize innovation and advancement of new therapeutic products. HFC has established five working groups to tackle individual issues in clinical trials and fostering the development of effective heart failure therapies.

The Heart Failure Collaboratory is a public-private partnership with the FDA and the consortium to help foster the development of new products for heart failure.

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New in #JACCHF Editor’s Page: Dr. @BiykemB proposes replacing the definition of “acute” HF with “decompensated” HF, w/o the need to specify location of care or timeframe of worsening.


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Impact of COVID-19 on Heart Failure Clinical Trials: Insights From the Heart Failure Collaboratory
The COVID-19 pandemic levied significant challenges for the effective delivery of clinical care and research operations. However, to date, the pandemic’s impact on cardiovascular trials has been primarily characterized in the context of single-trial experiences. We leveraged the unique, multi-sponsor membership of the Heart Failure Collaboratory (HFC) to assess recruitment metrics across active heart failure trials during the pandemic, including enrollment and visit information, and COVID-19–related adverse events.
A Composite Score Summarizing Use and Dosing of Evidence-Based Medical Therapies in Heart Failure: A Nationwide Cohort Study
As heart failure therapeutic care becomes increasingly complex, a composite medical therapy score could be useful to conveniently summarize background medical therapy. We applied the composite medical therapy score developed by the Heart Failure Collaboratory (HFC) to the Danish heart failure with reduced ejection fraction population to evaluate its external validation including assessing the distribution of the score and its association with survival.