The Impact of COVID-19
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What is the

Heart Failure Collaboratory (HFC)?

Efficiency of clinical trials and evidence generation in heart failure and foster development of therapies by creating a collaborative environment in which FDA, government agencies including NIH and CMS, and the heart failure community can interact to optimize innovation and advancement of new therapeutic products. HFC has established five working groups to tackle individual issues in clinical trials and fostering the development of effective heart failure therapies.

The Heart Failure Collaboratory is a public-private partnership with the FDA and the consortium to help foster the development of new products for heart failure.

Recent Publications

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Challenges and Potential Improvements to Patient Access to Pharmaceuticals
Patient access to a drug after US regulator approval is controlled by complex interactions.
Representation of Women Authors in International Heart Failure Guidelines and Contemporary Clinical Trials
Gender disparities in authorship of heart failure (HF) guideline citations and clinical trials have not been examined.
Barriers to Clinical Trial Efficiency and Patient Access
Clinical trial inefficiency and lack of patient access to novel therapies have been identified as key barriers to successful heart failure innovation.